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Synopsis from Armide from Jean-Baptiste Lully. .

Synopsis: Armide

from Jean-Baptiste Lully


Wisom and Glory discuss their rivalry: in wartime Glory is supreme, but in peacetime Wisdom rules.

In a square in Damascus the sorceress Armida (Armide) receives praise for having beguiled and captured a band of crusaders. However, she has been eluded by Rinaldo (Renaud), the most formidable of the crusaders, who is resistant to her charms. Her uncle, Hidraoth, king of Damascus, begs that she turn from war to love, but she swears that she will only marry the conqueror of Rinaldo. News arrives that Rinaldo has freed the captured crusaders.

In nearby countryside Rinaldo is enchanted by demons sent by Armida and Hidraoth, and he sings of the beauty of his surroundings. Armida is determined to kill Rinaldo, but on seeing him she is filled with love. Demons transport them both to a desert.

Armida recognizes that Rinaldo's love for her is reliant upon magic. She summons Hatred to help expunge her love, but then relents.

Two knights are sent to find Rinaldo. They are armed with magic weapons which enable them to overcome monsters and resist the spirits sent to seduce them.

In Armida's enchanted palace, Rinaldo and Armida sing of their love. She leaves him, surrounded by pleasures, but the two knights arrive and release him from her charms. Armida returns and fruitlessly implores Rinaldo to stay. Left alone, Armida rages with mounting desperation before summoning demons to destroy her palace.