Synopsis: Die Ausflüge des Herrn Broucek

from Leos Janácek

The Adventures of Mr Broucek

Mr Broucek staggers out of the Vikárka Inn below Prague castle and attempts to find his way home. He gets caught up in a tiff between the two lovers Málinka and Mazal. Once they are reconciled everyone waves Mr Broucek off for the night and he goes home to sleep.
In fact he gets transported to the moon and finds it colonized by pretentious artists and aesthetes who eat flowers - all strangely reminiscent of his friends in the pub. He shocks them all by eating sausages and leaves the artists singing hymns in the Temple of the Arts.
Back at the inn day is breaking: Ghe customers are leaving and hear that Mr. Broucek had to be carried home. Málinka and Maza embrace, having spent the night together.

Once again Mr. Broucek is leaving the inn, but after a conversation about fifteenth-century Prague he finds himself lost in one of the city's medieval tunnels. The author Svatopluk Cech appears and laments the declining heroism of the Czech nation.
Broucek finds himself in fifteenth-century Prague amidst the holy wars between Jan Hus and the Holy Roman Empire and displays exceptional cowardice for which he is sentenced to death. His plea that he is a child of the future and not yet born carries no weight and he is put into a barrel to be burnt.
Back in the pub, the Iandlord hears groaning from the cellar and finds Broucek drunk in a barrel. He tells the landlord how he helped liberate Prague, but begs him not to tell anyone.