Synopsis: Príhody Lisky Bystrousky

from Leos Janácek

The Cunning Little Vixen

Animals and insects are playing in the forest. The Gamekeeper enters and lies down to sleep. A young vixen chases a frog, which lands on the Gamekeeper's nose and wakes him up. He takes the vixen home for his children.
At the Gamekeeper's house the vixen talks to the dog and hens who enjoy the domesticated life there. The vixen kills a cock and escapes from the Gamekeeper back into the forest.

The vixen evicts a badger from his sett and makes it her home. She watches the activities of the Gamekeeper and his friends. The Gamekeeper shoots at the vixen. She meets a fox; they fall in love and marry.

The Gamekeeper sets a trap, but the vixen and her new family make fun of it. They eat the chickens of a poultry dealer and the vixen is shot dead.
The Gamekeeper and friends complain about the passing of time.
In a return to the opening scene, the Gamekeeper lies down to sleep on his way home and dreams of a young vixen. He tries to catch her, but succeeds only in grasping a frog. The frog says it was his grandfather last time round and he'd told him about the Gamekeeper.