Synopsis: Die Entführung aus dem Serail

von Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart

The Escape from the Harem

Pedrillo, Constanze and her servant Blonde are being held captive by Pasha Selim. Belmonte, Pedrillo's master and Constanze's long-lost lover, comes looking for her.
In the palace garden he meets Osmin, one of the pasha's stewards, who initially refuses to talk to him, but then flies into a rage when mention is made of Pedrillo's name.
Osmin leaves, and Belmonte and Pedrillo meet. Pedrillo plots to introduce his master to the pasha as an architect.
The pasha arrives with great ceremony, accompanied by Constanze, whom he begs in vain to give him her love.
Pedrillo introduces Belmonte to the pasha.

Osmin tries to woo Blonde (who is in love with Pedrillo), but as "a free-born Englishwoman" she demands her right to choose.
Constanze is resigned to death, rather than betray her love for Belmonte.
Pedrillo informs Blonde of his escape plan and removes Osmin from the equation by getting him drunk. The four lovers are reunited.

Osmin foils the escape attempt and drags the thwarted fugitives before the pasha.
lt transpires that Belmonte is the son of the man who forced the pasha into exile. But rather than revenge himself against the young man, the pasha shows magnanimity and allows all four their freedom.