Synopsis: Fra Diavolo ou l'Hôtellerie de Terracine

von Daniel-François-Esprit Auber

Fra Diavolo, or The Inn at Terracina

Although she is in love with a poor soldier, Lorenzo, Zerline is
to marry the wealthy commoner, Francesco. Lord and Lady Cockburn
arrive at the inn owned by
Zerline's father Matheo, having been robbed on the way. Lady
Pamela is still wearing her diamonds, which the bandit Fra
Diavolo - disguised as the marquis of
San Marco - rips from her neck. Lorenzo, who has been given the
task of capturing Fra Diavolo, manages to find some of the
Cockburns' possessions and is
rewarded with enough money for him to marry Zerline.

Still in disguise, Fra Diavolo enters Zerline's bedroom (in order
to steal yet more from the Cockburns' adjoining room), where he
is confronted by Lorenzo, who
assumes he is a rival for his lover's affections.

Fra Diavolo and his bumbling henchmen Giacomo and Beppo are trapped. Fra Diavolo is murdered and Zerline and Lorenzo are married.
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