Synopsis: Il mondo della luna

von Joseph Haydn

The World on the Moon

The astrologer Ecclitico and a group of his students manage to convince the sour Bonafede that a better life awaits him on the moon.
In come the knight Ernesto and his servant Cecco. It transpires that Ernesto and Ecclitico are in love with Bonafede's daughters, Flamina and Glance, while Cecco loves their maid Lisetta. The couples are determined to marry, but they must have Bonafede's blessing.
They persuade the irascible old man to drink a sleeping potion, which they say will send him to the moon. He says goodbye, causing his daughters to believe he is dying; but they are calmed by a forged will in which they are left substantial sums of money.

Ecclitico has disguised his garden as the moon. Bonafede wakes to prepare for his meeting with the emperor of the moon (Cecco disguised).
He then tries to seduce his daughter's maid, but she rejects him, as she is preparing to be crowned queen of the lunatics.
He eventually agrees to his daughters' marriages.

They reveal the charade and beg Bonafede's forgiveness. Bonafede gives his blessing to the triple wedding.
Ecclitico announces his retirement from astrology and the entire cast celebrate the good fortune brought by the world on the moon.