Synopsis: Le Postillon de Lonjumeau

Der Postillon von Lonjumeau - The Postilion of Longjumeau - Il Postiglione di Longjumeau
von Adolphe Adam

The Postilion of Longjumeau

The newly married postillon (Chapelou) and his wife (Madeleine, an innkeeper) consult a clairvoyant who predicts an eventful time for them. The director of the Royal Opera (the Marquis) happens to be staying at the Inn (his carriage conveniently overturned close by) when Chapelou is heard singing his ‘usual’ song. The young coachman is invited to join the Marquis’s company but they have to leave directly. With excitement he asks his friend to tell his wife where he has gone.

Ten years later. By now Madeleine has come into an inheritance and is known as Madame Latour, Meanwhile Chapelou has become a star at the Opera. The Marquis holds a party and by some strange coincidence has invited Madame Latour. Chapelou falls for the charms of her, not recognising the woman he left behind. He proposes, she accepts, and a wedding takes place.

The Marquis has gone off to inform the police and denounce this act of bigamy. Madeleine appears in her old peasant clothes and Chapelou recognises her. In darkness she transforms before Chapelou’s eyes into Madame Latour, the rich heiress.
She reveals her deception to the Marquis who has appeared with the police and declares to them her game –the couple have married twice and vow from that day on to love like good village people. This induces a hearty response from the chorus to provide a stirring finale.