Synopsis: Martha oder Der Markt zu Richmond

von Friedrich von Flotow

Lady Harriet, maid of honour to Queen Anne, has grown tired of life at court and is desperate to escape the affections of her cousin Lord Tristan.
Eventually, accompanied by her maid Nancy (and the unwilling Tristan), she joins a group of girls on their way to Richmond Fair. Disguised as "Martha" and "Julia", Harriet and Nancy are hired by the farmers Plunkett and Lyonel.

Harriet and Nancy find working life too demanding and are rescued by Tristan, who has a carriage waiting - but not before Lyonel and Plunkett have fallen in love with them.

Out hunting with the Queen, Harriet is recognized by Plunkett and Lyonel.
Much to their frustration, she pretends not to know them.

When it emerges that Lyonel is the son of the unfairly banished earl of Derby, Lyonel takes his
turn to rebuff Lady Harriet. She is stricken by her loss, but Nancy and Plunkett organize another "Fair" outside the farmhouse, where Lyone and Harriet meet once more and fall into each other's arms.

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